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Vectair Airsan™ Air Cleaning Ozone Generator & Odor Neutralizer

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Product Description

Vectair has developed a product called the Airsan automatic ozone generator and odor neutralizer. It is perfect for small areas to eliminate odors. In nature, ozone is produced naturally by the action of high energy discharges in lightning on oxygen. The Airsan recreates this process to destroy harmful microorganisms with which it comes in contact with. This in turns destroys the malodors in the air and neutralizes the area. Any ozone that is left over reverts back to oxygen in a short amount of time. Because ozone is a gas, it penetrates every nook and cranny of a facility to clean it from top to bottom. This is the non-programmable version model # ASAN-WNP (the programmable version model # ASAN-WP has been discontinued).

Our complete line of ozone generators & air scrubbers will clean the air in your facility, making for a more liveable environment. They are great for the restoration industry, auto detailing shops, and other commercial areas where odors are a problem. The area needs to be completely sealed for this automatic ozone generator to work at its maximum efficiently.

The World Health Organization recommended levels of ozone for any area is .05 parts per million. This unit comes with a sizing chart to set its output so you don't exceed the recommended levels in any room or enclosed area.


  • Destroys harmful microorganisms and malodors.
  • Kills up to 99.5% of all airborne bacteria, effectively neutralizing bad odors and smells.
  • The only air cleaning machine that is suitable for either portable or fixed installation.
  • Penetrates to even the most inaccessible areas in rooms as large as 5,297 cubic feet.
  • Automatic ozone generation rejuvenates the air we breathe, bringing that outdoor freshness indoors.
  • Incorporates ceramic chip corona discharge technology to uniquely produce ozone from oxygen.
  • Contains no VOCs.

Quick Overview

  • Can clean air in areas up to 5,297 ft³
  • Contains no VOCs.
  • Weighs 2 lbs.

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
8.25" H x 5.5" W x 3.5" D
Electrical Usage
Battery - 12 watts
Product Type
Air Scrubbers & Other Commercial Filtration Devices
Treatable Area
5,297 cubic feet