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Benefits of the SuperFreak Customer Loyalty Membership:

Free video and/or phone assistance for machine setup and training.
Up to 30 minutes when you receive your machine to ensure you get off on the right foot.
Access to factory-trained and certified virtual service technicians.
Our expert technicians will be with you every step of the way to ensure your machine is running optimally to meet your needs.
When it comes to warranty claims, you aren’t alone.
Our warranty specialists will work alongside you if the time comes to make a warranty claim with your equipment manufacturer, ensuring the best outcome for you and your business.
No more guessing when it comes to repair parts.
With SuperFreak, you’ll have complete access to full parts breakdowns and expert technicians to ensure that when you need parts, you’re getting the right ones to get your machine off the sidelines.
You’ll have your own product expert ready to help.
As a part of our SuperFreak membership, you’ll have your own dedicated product expert ready to help with any future purchases because we know you’ll come back for more.
10% off parts and consumable purchases for the life of your plan.
Need parts or consumables for your job? Don’t worry; now those purchases will receive an additional 10% off for the life of the SuperFreak membership.
Exclusive offers and discounts.
As a SuperFreak member, you’ll have early access to discounts and offers when you’re ready to buy again. No more adding to the cart only to find the stock has already been taken because you’ll be in the front of the line.
When something goes wrong, we're here to help.
Call your dedicated SuperFreak Loyalty Membership phone number at 855-242-9030 to ask questions about your plan, speak to a technician, order parts, or start a new purchase.

How does the SuperFreak Loyalty Membership work with your manufacturer's warranty?

During the original manufacturer’s warranty period, most repairs will be handled by the manufacturer, but we won’t just give you a phone number and send you on your way. Our Warranty Specialists will work alongside you to ensure the best outcome for your warranty claim.
We know our manufacturers and the proper avenues to get your machine back up and running as soon as possible. Don’t go at it alone.
CleanFreak Machines

How much does the SuperFreak Loyalty Membership cost?

Just $99.99 per year. With $99.99, you’re going to have peace of mind that your machine will be backed by the best support team in the business. Keep in mind that without our SuperFreak Membership, a one-time service call with one of our experts costs $59.99.

Getting help is easy with the SuperFreak Loyalty Membership.

Ready to put your membership to use?
Give us a call at 855-242-9030 and we'll get you the help you need.

Need to make a claim under your original warranty?
Call us at 855-242-9030 and ask for our warranty specialists to get help with navigating your claim.

See the terms and conditions for a complete description of coverage and exclusions.
Parts and coverage available under the manufacturer's warranty are not covered by the membership.