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Dri-Eaz® Rescue Mat® Water Damaged Wood Floor Drying Mats

SKU: DRI-119218    Brand:Dri-Eaz
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Product Description

The Dri-Eaz Rescue Mat hardwood floor drying system offers the most efficient way to extract water vapor from hard wood floors. With just a single hose connection to each mat, you can cover large areas with just a single recovery unit. We recommend using either the flood water extraction machine for continuous extraction, or our Dri-Eaz DriForce® wall & floor dryer for vapor extraction. We recommend using 1 to 3 mats per DriForce blower, or extractor for the most efficient water removal.

The Dri-Eaz Rescue Mat system draw out trapped water vapor from your hardwood floors. Not meant to be used on laminate flooring. The gasket sides of each mat create a powerful seal for the greatest possible suction. Two different mat sizes are included in this package for custom drying jobs. Each mat is made from strong PVC plastic and must be cleaned with hot water and soap after each use to avoid cross contamination between jobs. To push the maximum amount of water vapor to your mats, we recommend using this system with our Dri-Eaz AirWolf floor drying fan.

*Please Note: These mats formerly had a part # of DRI-F286.

Kit Includes

  • 4 - 46" x 30" mats
  • 2 - 23" x 30" mats
  • 3 - 7' hoses w/ cuffs
  • 2 - Connector sleeves
  • 6 - Hose cuffs
  • 5 - T-connectors
  • 1 - Gasket roll

Quick Overview

  • Gasket edges create powerful suction
  • Removes trapped water from hardwood floors

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